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Race Driven Brake Pads -- Let me start by saying, "Thank You" ...more, , ,

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Part of What the BRC Does for OHV Folks - Legal Battles Up -- (U.S. Districts Wyoming, ND Cal; 9th & 10th Circuits). Briefing is still underway in the 10th Circuit appeal. On December 30th BlueRibbon and its pro-access partners filed a "friend of the court" brief in support of the State of Wyoming's position seeking affirmation of the district court ruling, which would invalidate the 2001 Roadless Rule nationwide. Oral argument .....more. .

Help BRC Take the Fight to the Courts -- Recently I saw two new bumper stickers that reminded me of the very first article I wrote back in 2008: "Ignore your rights and they'll go away." The first bumper sticker read "If you're not outraged then you're not paying attention," and the second read "The world is run by those that are involved" (which is a spin-off from the more famous saying, "The world is run by those who show up"). How fitting given some of the challenges we face today.....more. .

Strategies of the "War on Access" -- Let there be no doubt: We are at war over our access to public lands and waterways. Further, we are at war over our basic freedoms like gun ownership, political views, consumer monitoring, and vehicle ownership. The list goes on, but more importantly, there are strategies we can employ to preserve our freedoms, keep our access, and protect our way of life. Here I offer those strategies to win the war on our freedoms; the war on our access..... more. . .


This website is for the ATV and Dirt Bike enthusiast. You will want to bookmark it and return often as we will be continuously updating our ATV Off Road Event Calendar, Off Road Riding Areas and Parks and Off Road ATV Links. We will also be adding exciting new products to our Online Store. We are extreme enthusiasts so we would like to hear from you about off road riding areas and parks or events. We think all recreation would be better if you Just Add Dirt!

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